27 Yin And Yang Characterization Also Extends To The Various Body Functions, And – More Importantly – To Disease Symptoms E.g., Cold And Heat Sensations Are Assumed To Be Yin And Yang Symptoms, Respectively.

Feb 09, 2017

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They represent two abstract 26 and complementary aspects that every phenomenon in the universe can be divided into. 26 Primordial analogies for these aspects are the sun-facing yang and the shady yin side of a hill. 22 Two other commonly used representational allegories of yin and yang are water and fire. 26 In the yin-yang theory, detailed attributions are made regarding the yin or yang character of things: The concept of yin and yang is also applicable to the human body; for example, the upper part of the body and the back are assigned to yang, while the lower part of the body are believed to have the yin character. 27 Yin and yang characterization also extends to the various body functions, and – more importantly – to disease symptoms e.g., cold and heat sensations are assumed to be yin and yang symptoms, respectively. 27 Thus, yin and yang of the body are seen as phenomena whose lack or over-abundance comes with characteristic symptom combinations: Yin vacuity also termed “vacuity-heat”: heat sensations, possible night sweats, insomnia, dry pharynx, dry mouth, dark urine, a red tongue with scant fur, and a “fine” and rapid pulse. 28 Yang vacuity “vacuity-cold”: aversion to cold, cold limbs, bright white complexion, long voiding of clear urine, diarrhoea, pale and enlarged tongue, and a slightly weak, slow and fine pulse. 27 ACM also identifies acupuncture clinic drugs believed to treat these specific symptom combinations, i.e., to reinforce yin and yang. 22 Five Phases 五行, pin yin : we xíng, sometimes also translated as the “Five Elements” 22 theories, presumes that all phenomena of the universe and nature can be broken down fish more yang protein ; and then the vegetables which are yin. Asian massage is typically administered with the person according to a release from the company on Monday. 


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